Factors on the Basis of Which You Can Hire the Best Criminal Lawyer to Defend You

There are few things of value that one begets in life. Money and other worldly possessions amount to the material items, while at the same time, the love of family, the honor of his name and the respect from the society are a few of the immaterial ones. But all this is prone to be lost if an individual is trapped in the round ring of criminal litigation. Unlike civil matters, it invites incarceration at once and is harmful to all the pleasures mentioned above. Therefore, it is vital to employ a criminal lawyer or a DUI lawyer with the utmost care and consideration. And to do so, one can simply look at these detailed points:

  • The first thing to do is to understand the allegations. In a criminal case, you will be arrested and detained to be produced in the courts. Many times, it happens that an individual does not grasp the full extent of the nature of charges filed against him. So, it is a must to figure out as soon as possible whether you need to hire a criminal attorney or if a simple consultation is good enough to get you off the hook. A felony is the most serious crime, a misdemeanor comes next and an infraction is the lightest in the book of law.
  • Find out what a criminal defense lawyer can do for you. Many times, the situation can become so serious that your lawyer is your sole messenger, confidant, and voice. So, it is imperative to get one who is worth your time and money. After all, criminal cases can suck the joy out of your life.
  • Criminal lawyers come in various makes. Some specialize in state laws while others are more experienced and deal only with federal violations. For a federal law, you will want to get a senior attorney as these laws are quite complex and more stringent. Moreover, a federal law prosecutor is bound to be more aggressive and has more resources and time at his disposal to go after your freedom and liberty.
  • Track records are easy to come by. Vet your lawyer before hiring. The win to lose ratio and past acquittal percentage documentation can give you a genuine idea about your lawyer’s caliber. Also, it would be an advantage to gather if your preferred attorney has had many cases similar to yours. This can help you gauge his experience as well as the trustworthiness of his operating procedure.
  • Ensure that you are getting a good deal and not getting ripped off. Some shady criminal lawyers would take a big chunk out of your bank and feed upon your fear of being convicted. That is when it becomes imperative to check the credentials and ethics of the lawyer and have a measure of him.
  • Look for a diligent lawyer. More often than not, a lot of homework needs to be done to prepare for arguing a case. A strong administrative team can help facilitate this process. Trust your feelings but at the same time, get some references for having an insight.

By following these simple traits, you can help yourself find a good lawyer. There is a vast difference between reading about the law and actually practicing it in court, as any seasoned lawyer will tell you. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a fix, use these subtle suggestions to help soothe these agonies in life.


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Know Your Rights: Things to Keep In Mind When Arrested

Life is nothing but a roller coaster ride of unexpected events which are impossible to predict. Thinking that everything is fine is probably the biggest illusion one can have. It is not that difficult to be at the wrong place at the wrong time which more often than not lands you into trouble. The complexities of the rules and regulations involving an arrest are something that are not unfamiliar to people. The knowledge of your rights after getting arrested can turn the tables no matter how bad the situation might seem. Here are some rights you have after you have been arrested which are worth your while:

Right To Know The Reason For The Arrest

Sometimes you get confused and freak out as the police rush towards you. This further boosts their suspicion on you. While it is totally normal to be in a confused state, you should never lose your calm while asking them the reason for making the arrest. Be polite. It might be a nuisance if they use the complex criminal code but be assured they are bound to answer your query.

Contact Your Criminal Lawyer

This is among the most basic rights you should always remember. You have the right to make a call when arrested, with the condition that it should be made to an lawyer rather than your family members or friends. However, the police usually permit you to make a personal call out of courtesy as well. The constitution has entitled you to seek legal counsel once arrested and the police are bound to fulfill that.

Right To Remain Silent

You should always try speaking as little as possible in the absence of your attorney once you get arrested. The reason is quite simple; anything you say irresponsibly might be used against you if the case proceeds further. You have the right to remain silent even if the police keep showering their questions on you to force something out to be used as evidence later. Always remember, saying something irresponsible can lead to disastrous consequences even if you are not guilty.

Entitlement For An Appearance

This is important as getting arrested is sort of an emotional trauma especially if you have experienced it for the first time. The horrific experience of feeling guilty changes your perception and hinders your ability to think freely.

You are entitled to have a hearing before a justice of the peace or a judge within 24 hours of the arrest. You will be given the chance to explain the charges that have been accused with. The session before the justice will decide whether you get to remain further in custody or are released on recognizance (commonly known as bail). You are also entitled to hire a lawyer to speak on your behalf when you make the appearance. This is indeed crucial as the experiences gained by a lawyer over the years can help you sneak past the offences real quick and get released without a bail.

Getting arrested is not that uncommon at all. However, you should always remember these basic rights to avoid any further trouble that might befall your way. Knowing your rights is indeed the smartest and the only thing you can do under such circumstances. Stay safe!

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